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I discovered this love for luxury homes at a young age but never had the access to it. It all started with a collection of floor plans and pictures of large homes. Videos were great but structured and poorly navigated my experience. Eventually, it wasn’t enough to satisfy my imagination. There came an innovation that did just that - Matterport virtual tours.  Using my favorite social media app, I began a collection of tap-through virtual tours of the most unthinkable home. These virtual tours taped into a calling that has lead me into a career in real estate. 



Virtual Tour 


Matterport is a virtual tour service that allows for a tap by tap walk through of properties. This service is beneficial to buyers and sellers not only for properties to get the most exposure but also to maintain exposure during a pandemic.  It has become one of the most innovative ways to market a home. 


Virtual Tour


Virtual Tour



Virtual Tour


Available on Pinterest, here is my collection of over 200 matterport virtual tours of the most exquisite and luxurious mansions, manors, châteaux, castles, penthouses and more. 



Matterport Mania Pinterest Board


Note: As these homes sell, the tour may be become unavailable, so enjoy while you can! 




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